How do you officially diagnose my child with dyslexia?

At this point, I am not certified to diagnose dyslexia, but I can give a dyslexia screener. I can give your child a screener that will identify the specific areas that need to be focused on to help your child be successful. I think that most of you will agree that the most important thing is for your child to get the help he/she needs. If you aren't really focused on having an official diagnosis, this screener will give me the data that I need to help your child. Some parents want the official diagnosis for peace of mind (which I totally understand!), but please understand that this is not necessary for your child to have an official diagnosis before they can receive help. If you are interested in official testing, I can help you get in contant with someone that is certified to do so.

When can you give my child the screener?

If you or I suspect that your child may have dyslexia, then I will preform this screener during my first tutoring session with this child. This is an informal assessment that can provide us with a lot of information. The screener takes about 10-15 minutes to administer. After I administer the screener, your child will sit in the other room with something fun to do while we discuss the results. I feel more comfortable giving you the results without your child so that you have the freedom to ask any questions. We will review the screening, have a chance to ask questions, and create a plan of action. Every dyslexia diagnosis is unique, and every child's learning style is unique. I want to create a plan of action that will fit YOUR child. Once we have a plan of action, we will set up our first few appointments. Check out the Tutoring page to read more about the different options for tutoring.

One thing that I will strongly recommend you do after our initial meeting is for you to set up a conference with your child's teacher. At this meeting, you need to share the information that I have given you by administering the screener. If you don't feel comfortable having a discussion like this with the teacher, I am more than willing to assist you at this meeting. 

If your child is struggling with reading, spelling, and/or comprehension please contact me. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Kathleen Lavallee