As a parent, the responsibility that weighs on our shoulders to raise a child in this world is at times grievously heavy.  It can get no heavier than when you see your child suffering and despite your intuitive efforts, the relief of answers delicately dangle in the air like a leaf on a tree in mid fall.  I have been in this place many times with my tenaciously bright, loving, and disheartened child.  After jumping through hoops and channels, I finally received answers that gave a relief that I wasn’t crazy, and that I know my child well.  It didn’t change how difficult it was hearing that officially he had been diagnosed with dyslexia, general anxiety disorder, depression, and ADHD.   Once again, I was that leaf. However, I was never alone for any of this.  Kathleen was there to catch my leaf as it began to fall off that tree.

 Have you ever had moments in your life where you look back and pinpoint each decision you ever made that led you up to one of the most pivotal moments or paths crossed with someone that miraculously changed everything for the better? I do that often with Kathleen Lavallee.

Kathleen was there for my son prior to his diagnosis, helping him as best as she could within the confines they had.  She was there on the phone with me as I cried receiving the news of my son’s diagnosis’. She has been there through every bit of hardship and celebration in this journey with us.  She was the best decision I have ever made for my son’s education.  I mean it.   Let me break down the results before I get to the best part of her and her company.

Upon entering 2 nd grade for the second time, my son was at a reading level of a first grader in their first month (1.1) of that grade.  His math level was at a first grader in their third month (1.3).  Upon the end of that school year, his reading was at a 3.8 and math at a 2.6.  Not to discredit all the hard work my son put in but all of it was channeled through Kathleen’s multi-faceted methods of dyslexia therapy.  Have you ever heard a child with all the issues my child face jumping almost two grade levels in reading and over one grade level in math after 10 months of therapy? Yea, me neither.  She gets results, every time.  I would put my paycheck on it.  

As if that wasn’t all enough, her integrity and character cannot be touched.  I’ve seen her handle some very delicate situations with poise.  Kathleen sits genuinely on the floor with your child.   She looks them in the eye and relates to each child.  She connects with them and let’s them know they aren’t alone.  She’s an incredible teacher and therapist.  She is passionate in her love for her craft.  She is more than fair in her pricing in her field because she cares about helping as many students as possible.  Kathleen gives kindness, joy, and accountability.  The best is that Kathleen is overwhelmingly supported by her husband and family.  I know that this allows Kathleen to embrace what she does to the fullest which only pours over onto each student and parent she works with.  No one is perfect but, in my eyes, Kathleen is our very own Mary Poppins.  She isn’t going to be actively involved in your child’s life forever, but she will forever leave her mark. I am forever grateful for our Mary Poppins, Kathleen Lavallee.



I received a call from Macie's 4th grade teacher who was very excited to tell me her latest scantron test results and couldn't wait to share it with me.  Macie's scantron results showed her math level at a 4.1 and her reading level at 3.9!  The goal was set for her to raise her overall score by 200 points and she raised it over 500 points!!!  WOW!!!

When we started tutoring with you she was reading at a 1st grade level.  I have seen her confidence grow so much since we started coming to you.  Thank you so much for everything you do and the had work you put into each lesson. 



We have been with Kathleen for 3 years. Our son has greatly benefited from Kathleen's sessions ,observations, and techniques. Even though our son struggles in school he doesn't argue about going to Kathleen's. No one wants to need or find a tutor, but when your child is struggling daily, you need to be confident that classroom demands will be met, addressed, and start to change the way your child processes and performs immediately. Kathleen is professional & flexible in the way she shapes each session. If there is an area that needs more immediate attention she will address that as needed. She will also give open and honest  feedback with insight. Our son has learned to navigate his obstacles with Kathleen's sessions. 

- Michelle 


Kathleen began tutoring our daughter, Ciara, in 2015. Ciara has dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. Words cannot begin to express how much Kathleen has helped Ciara.  She was extremely patient and constantly researched and explored different ways to help Ciara. If the method she was using failed to yield the results she sought, then she would try something different.  When Ciara first began tutoring, she lacked self-confidence and never expressed the desire to read on her own.  Thanks to Kathleen, Ciara’s reading has improved tremendously.  The first time Ciara asked me to take her to the bookstore was one of the greatest days of my life. Kathleen is truly devoted to all of her students and cares deeply for them. She finds the ways for them to succeed! If you have any questions and would like to contact me please feel free to do so


Tina Parker


I can't say enough good things about Kathleen. She started working with my son this past fall. He was far behind his peers in reading, spelling, and writing. Kathleen literally started from the ground up with him. He has progressed tremendously. His confidence has increased as a result. Kathleen has given him the tools he needs to succeed. I would recommend her to anyone who has a struggling reader. She is a gifted and caring teacher.

-Katherine Parvin


It is with great honor that I can send this personal reference for Mrs. Kathleen Lavallee. She has been my daughter, Mikayla, dyslexia tutor for over a year now. When Mikayla first started with Mrs. Lavallee, she had been in our schools dyslexia program for a year and half and additionally had two separate tutors. Mrs. Lavallee has such incredible patience with her students and a desire to see each and every student succeed. From the first day, Mikayla always felt encouraged when she went for her tutoring sessions and had a desire to do well and want to make Mrs. Lavallee proud. When Mikayla excelled on a test at school - she was quick to want to let Mrs. Lavallee know about it. Not only with my daughter, but with all her students, if there was an area that the student was struggling with, Mrs. Lavallee never hesitates in researching what else she can do to help the student - finding different ways to explain the topic so that the student can master the assignment and perform for the test. I have been thoroughly pleased in the progress my daughter has made in just a year's time. In fact, we requested that Mikayla return to her classroom without the dyslexia program and have kept her just with Mrs. Lavallee's tutoring. I feel that she is gaining way more through Mrs. Lavallee than what the school was providing. Mikayla's reading has increased dramatically that you would not know that was the same girl. They are currently working on reading comprehension and her tests have improved so much.

Mary Emily Remer


To whom it may concern:

Mrs. Lavallee is one hundred percent awesome!  I am a school counselor at an elementary school where Mrs. Lavallee worked for several years.  She was a classroom teacher and then a special education teacher.  This woman is organized and dedicated.  She will work with a child until she finds a way to get him, or her, successful!  She does not give up or give in!  She has the training for intense interventions through her Special Education background.  She is a self-starter and energized to get things done.  Any project , student or task, that needed a guide or rudder had Mrs. Lavallee ready and willing.  I am excited for her new adventure in helping children be successful.  Huntsville has a real advantage in having her expertise available for children!  We LOVE Mrs. Lavallee.  She is truly a blessing to others.

Dawn Swartz


Kathleen has been tutoring my 7 year old son, Mason, for 3 months now. When she first starting tutoring Mason he was not diagnosed with Dyslexia, but he showed a lot of the early signs. We saw results very quickly. After only a few tutoring sessions I noticed him sounding out words on his own! It felt so good to see him succeed and make improvements! They started with the Barton Reading Program, but when Mason began to get bored and lose interest, so Kathleen started pulling in other resources. Their tutoring sessions now include some Barton material, but they also include a lot of hands on activities. Mason looks forward to going to tutoring three times a week. Kathleen works really well with him. I am thrilled with the progress that Mason has made over the past few months!

Oneof my favorite parts about Kathleen tutoring Mason is that she is invested in him. She wants what is best for him just as much as I do. She is very dedicated and is very flexible working with us on her tutoring sessions around exactly what one needs. She doesn’t just follow a scripted program. She keeps me informed throughout this process. I would recommend her for any kind of tutoring needs.

Dawn Pellum


To Whom it May Concern,

I am honored to make a recommendation on behalf of Kathleen Lavallee. Kathleen began working for us a tutor and an occassional babysitter in the fall of 2008 to help with our nine year old quadruplets. From the very beginning, Kathleen has taken her responsibilities very seriously and has never been afraid to work hard. One of the sthings that impressed me was how Kathleen would take things she learned in class and use them to help tutor the children individually. There were times when she would develop additional assignments and teaching aids on her own time to help address each of the children's specific needs. In particular, my son has always struggled in school, but through Kathleen's hard work (and patience) he is now an A/B student! Kathleen was born to teach and any family would be lucky to have her tutor their child.

In addition to her tutoring our children, my wife and I have relied on her to get the children to various activities. Kathleen is very responsible and contentious. Further, she is reliable and can be counted on to get the job done.

I expect that Kathleen will have a long and successful career touching children's lives as a teacher. I can think of no one more qualified and I give her my strongest and highest recommendation.

If you have any further questions about Kathleen, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours very truly,

Kile T. Turner (

If your child is struggling with reading, spelling, and/or comprehension please contact me. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Kathleen Lavallee