What you receive when you hire me as a tutor: 

- Dyslexia Screener administered for your child 

- A meeting for us to discuss the results and create a plan

- A dedicated individual that has a passion for teaching children

- A teacher that knows that all students learn differently

- A tutor that will create an individualized program that is right for your child

- A tutor that will not only teach reading and writing, but will give your child confidence

- Freedom to ask me any questions via e-mail, phone, SeeSaw app or conference

*Most of all, you will receive a tutor who cares for your child's learning as much as you do.*

Dyslexia Tutoring

When I work with students who are dyslexic or who appear to be dyslexic, I use an Orton-Gillingham based program. Every child is different, so for each student I create a scope and sequence specifically designed for their needs. The scope and sequence includes print handwriting, alphabetic principle, reading, and spelling. Depending on the student I will also add in language, writing, and comprehension skills. I teach the students why our letters make the sounds that they make in different situations. A dyslexic student needs to understand the sounds of a letter or letters instead of just being asked to memorize. I use a multisensory and discovery approach to learning. I teach using the V(visual)-A(auditory)-K(kinesthetic) triangle which engages multiple learning styles in every learning activity. The discovery approach that I use allows each student to discover the new information. I ask questions that guide students to the new learning. When the students discover the new information through questioning, they tend to have an easier time remembering the information.

I have a lot of different resources and options that I use in my tutoring sessions depending on what your child needs.  The main focus of our tutoring sessions is for your child to learn. I will use a combination of programs and resources to help your child succeed! Every child is different and every child needs a different scope and sequence as well as different teaching approaches. It is my job to figure out exactly what your child needs to be successful. 

All of my tutoring is done in a one-on-one situation. This allows me to plan each lesson around exactly what each student needs. One reason I started my own business was because I wanted to be able to give each student the individual attention that they deserve. It is also important to parents to be involved in the tutoring process. I encourage parents to sit in on our sessions. This helps parents learn different strategies and techniques to use at home to help their child. 

If my in person schedule is full I do also offer online classes. In my online class I still create an individualized scope and sequence with individual lesson plans. I teach a concept and go through a lesson on a video. Then, you watch the video and teach the concept to your child. Some students like to watch the lesson with the parents, and this is fine! The key in the online tutoring is I am teaching parents the skills they need to help their child learn and succeed. I use Thinkific.com to host my online sessions. I start a secret class for each student, so no one else can see your materials. This helps to keep all of your videos, lessons, passages, and activities all in one place. 

With both tutoring options we have constant communication throughout the week through a free app called SeeSaw. This allows us to share videos, pictures, notes, and audio messages. When you sign up for tutoring with me, you become part of my family. I am here to help you and your child with whatever comes up. We all work together as a team to help your child be successful. 

Study Skills

Are you struggling remembering information taught at school? Is it hard for you to study? Is your child struggling with studying? If so, then let me help!

One of the most beneficial things that I learned as a struggling learner was how to study. I overcame my struggles by learning appropriate ways to study. This was a trial and error process. Although it took me a long time to learn how to study, it allowed me to learn multiple study strategies. I have created a "study skill tool kit." In my study skill tutoring sessions I will introduce different techniques that I used to help me study.  In each session you will bring materials from one of your classess. I will use that material to teach you a specific study skill. When you leave each session you will have already finished an hour of studying and have the tools you need to continue to effectivly study.  Everyone uses different technique to study. It is a trial and error process to see which techniques work best for you.

Tutoring Rates

Once we have our initial meeting I will plan out our tutoring dates for the rest of the school year. Then I will divide the total cost for the school year by how many months we have left in the school year. This allows for us both to budget our expenses better because tuition will be a set rate each month. I build in off days around the school calendar.. You will pay once a month to make it easier on both of us. The payment is due on the first day of each month. Even though we set the schedule for the school year you are not committed to tutoring for the whole year. I use an online invoicing program called My School Books. This website allows you to access your calendar and invoices online so that we are all up to date on our tutoring sessions. 

Huntsville Christian Academy Students: Please contact me for specifics on tutoring rates. I outline my sessions at HCA a little bit differently than I do the sessions at my house. I will be able to give you more information once you call or e-mail me. 

Need something else?

If your child needs help with something that isn't listed on here, please let me know and I will see if I can help. If I can't help I will try my best to point you in the right direction for some help.

If your child is struggling with reading, spelling, and/or comprehension please contact me. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Kathleen Lavallee